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EnvayaSMS SMS gateway for Android

Installing EnvayaSMS

In order to install and deploy EnvayaSMS, you will need the following prerequisites:

Note: If you don't have an Android phone yet, you can test EnvayaSMS on your computer.

Download and install EnvayaSMS directly from the link below:


You can also download the source code from GitHub and build EnvayaSMS yourself.

Configuring EnvayaSMS

Server Configuration

It is assumed that your organization already has an HTTP server, or has the technical expertise to set up an HTTP server.

Follow the instructions in the API Reference page to learn how to construct a resource on your HTTP server that can communicate with EnvayaSMS.

If this sounds difficult, you may want to consider using Telerivet instead. Telerivet is a service that makes it easy to use an Android phone to deploy an SMS service without needing your own server or programming experience.

Phone Configuration

After your server is configured, configure EnvayaSMS on your phone to connect to your server as follows:

  1. Open the EnvayaSMS app
  2. Click the Menu button, then "Settings"
  3. Configure EnvayaSMS to work with your server by entering:
  4. Choose an interval to poll for new outgoing messages
  5. Recommended: under Wi-Fi sleep policy, select "always stay connected". (Otherwise, EnvayaSMS will be unable to forward messages after the phone goes to sleep.)
  6. Optional: enable Network Failover so that the phone will automatically switch to mobile data if the Wi-Fi network stops working.
  7. Check "Enable EnvayaSMS"
  8. Click the Back button to return to the main screen

To test if EnvayaSMS has been configured properly and can connect to your server, open the EnvayaSMS app, click the Menu button, then click "Test Connection".

Important: After EnvayaSMS is enabled, it will forward all SMS messages regardless of whether the EnvayaSMS app is open. If you want to use SMS normally again, return to EnvayaSMS' settings screen and uncheck "Enable EnvayaSMS".

If you're testing EnvayaSMS with an Android phone that you're also using for normal communication, you can enable "Test mode" on the settings screen. When Test mode is enabled, EnvayaSMS will only handle SMS messages from the phone numbers you specify.

Installing Expansion Packs

By default, Android prevents EnvayaSMS from sending more than 100 outgoing SMS messages per hour. However, that limit can be increased by installing EnvayaSMS Expansion Packs.

Each Expansion Pack allows EnvayaSMS to increase its sending limit by an additional 100 outgoing SMS messages per hour. For example, if you install 4 expansion packs, EnvayaSMS will be able to send up to 500 outgoing SMS messages per hour.

Install EnvayaSMS Expansion Pack 01 (apk)
Install EnvayaSMS Expansion Pack 02 (apk)
Install EnvayaSMS Expansion Pack 03 (apk)
Install EnvayaSMS Expansion Pack 04 (apk)

With Expansion Packs, EnvayaSMS is limited only by how fast your phone can send and receive SMS (likely about 1000 messages/hour), and by your mobile provider's usage limits and terms of service.